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Hollywood Newsletter Jan 2018

January 2018 issue My First Commitment in Recovery – By Brian M. The first place I attended a recovery meeting was called simply “The Place.” It was in a strip mall in tiny Lucerne Valley in the high desert, 30 miles east of Apple Valley. I was hesitant about making any commitment in my first… Read more »

Convention Stories

Special digital-only issue of the Greater Hollywood Area Newsletter! . . (Click image to download PDF)

Clean But Not Dead

August 2011 Issue We hope that you will find both inspiration and food for thought in this issue, which we dedicate to Clean Not Dead: Living Proof, Youth Unity Day of NA’s Southern California Region. The Greater Hollywood Area of NA is proud and privileged, honored and humbled to host this event, which takes place on August 13, from 10 a.m…. Read more »

The Newcomer Issue

November 2010 | Issue No. 3 | Volume No. 10 These stories and poems describe the essence of our experience as addicts: the terrible struggles and the hopelessness; the pain of isolation, fear and the acute desperation that eventually leads us to a chance to find recovery. November 2010 | Issue No. 3 | Volume… Read more »

The “No Matter What” Issue

July 2010 | Issue No. 2 | Volume No. 10 This issue of the newsletter explores what it means to find the courage to actually let go of our reservations and to experience the miracle of the lifting of our obsession to use; through the best and worst of times. We may never fully understand… Read more »

The “I Just Want to Share” Issue

March 2010 | Issue No. 1 | Volume No. 10 This issue presents a real diversity of voices. We asked for submissions on any topic and we received articles and poetry that prove how varied, fascinating and creative our fellowship in Hollywood is. March 2010 | Issue No. 1 | Volume No. 10 (click to… Read more »

Assets & Defects Issue

November 2009 | Issue No. 11 | Volume No. 9 Submissions came slowly for this issue. It began to dawn on the newsletter staff, as we waited for the contributions to arrive, that we’d presented a topic that can be quite daunting and difficult to write about. Just like the Sixth Step! November 2009 |… Read more »

The “How I Stay” Issue

August 2009 | Issue No. 10 | Volume No. 9 How do you do it? How do you stay? In this issue, we hear a number of addicts give their response to this question. August 2009 | Issue No. 10 | Volume No. 9 (click to download Pdf.)

The Relationship Issue

May 2009 | Issue No. 8 | Volume No. 9 An old saying heard from time to time in meetings is “If you want to have to work your program, get into a relationship!” This issue of, Hollywood Area Newsletter covers addicts contribution cover a variety of relationship challenges and successes. May 2009 | Issue… Read more »